About us

About us

This service is provided by Emercoin Partnership

The managing partner and author of the project is Oleksii Konashevych

Online service is purposed to satisfy the demand for integrity protection of digital assets (files and media), timestamp and authorship with the help of the blockchain technology

This is an end-user service. It can also be integrated into a business solution using API

The service can be used to sign contracts, to protect copyrights, for example, of photographers, writers, programmers, copywriters, researchers and inventors, for signing petitions, etc.

The basis of the service is the technology of Emercoin platform, which started in 2014

It is based on the unique NVS technology, which not only saves user`s data on the blockchain, but creates a special index field "Name" for quick search in the database, and "Value", where user can add any data and update it. At the same time the history of changes is preserved, because the blockchain cannot be altered. Also, the record that certifies copyrights can be transferred to another person (to another address).

Our mission is to provide a blockchain service for online digital signing of users` data, timestamping and authorship protection

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